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Trauma Cleaning Services

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Hoarding Services

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We Know Exactly How to Help You!

“We’re ready to make your place the safest, healthiest, and cleanest it’s ever been.”

We remove the stress and anxiety around any cleanup.

From a Client’s Perspective

“Our son was battling some demons at the time and he did the unimaginable. The world we knew changed forever. The police wouldn’t even let us inside our own home when we raced back into town. The scene was simply too gruesome. We were all out of sorts. Eventually, I met a fine lady from Victims Services who provided me a list of crime scene cleaning companies. Two didn’t answer, one guy kept asking me about my finances, another I think was just out of business, and then I called New Start Biorecovery and spoke to Eduardo. He listened and delicately asked me some questions. I knew I had reached the right company. I was able to catch my breath for a moment. He explained many things to me but most of all he removed the confusion I was feeling as to how we were ever to get past this. He and his technicians were over to the house within the hour. When I met him, I knew I was in good hands. His professionalism, expertise, and compassion became immediately evident, but most of all, his handling of the matter gave me a piece of mind at a time I really needed some. My only regret is that I didn’t call him first. Without question, New Start Biorecovery was the right choice.”–Rebecca F.

Help in Your Time of Need

Welcome and thank you for visiting New Start Biorecovery’s website. We’re here to help! We acknowledge that nothing has prepared you for the scene you have just witnessed. In the wake of a traumatic event, we understand there are swirls of emotions, thoughts, and responsibilities. Our forte is providing you the necessary empathy and needed communication to guide you along the cleaning process. Our aim is to ease the load on you by removing any confusion you might have on how to move forward. We are highly trained professionals that understand the care required for a thorough clean-up. Our services include clean-up in the wake of crime, trauma, and death, odor remediation, and clean-ups related to hoarding and gross filth.

In placing your trust in us, we completely take over your clean up problem allowing you to focus on other extenuating circumstances. The relief is felt immediately. We promise you, we will covet and respect your decision when choosing New Start Biorecovery. We’re excellent at what we do and we will always treat you with dignity and compassion.

Capable of Any Job

We proudly boast the highest level certifications in the business, including serving as the only business in the South Central Texas region that has technicians certified by the American Biorecovery Association, the governing body that sets industry standards, ethics, and procedures. Among other things these certifications ensure that there is no job too large or too small for us. 24 hours a day, 7 days per week, we will take on any project and regard every customer with the same care, concern, and attention they deserve.

Since 2006, we have been helping people in need. The leader in charge, Eduardo Lopez, has served as a consulting technician for the TLC program “Hoarding-Buried Alive,” on three separate occasions for episodes taking place in the central United States. We have well over 500 jobs under our belt. If you have experienced trauma, or you have a home, apartment, or business overflowing with debris due to hoarding, we can help. We know you have questions and concerns, and we are here to assuage them confidently and efficiently. Call Eduardo at New Start Biorecovery 512-663-1186 and we’ll get started right away.


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Trauma Cleaning Services

You can trust our ability to handle any type of decontamination cleanup you need, including: Crime Scene Clean Up, Suicide Clean Up, Blood Clean Up, Death Clean Up, Trauma Clean Up, Biohazard Clean Ups, Bodily Fluids, Human Waste, Pet Waste, Animal Waste, Infestation, Industrial Accident, Onsite Cleanup, Odor Control, Odor Remediation, Dead Animal, and Animal Droppings.

Hoarding Cleaning Services

From cleaning, professional organization, to emotional support.
Your complete guide to hoarding! Our team is comprised of experts in handling gross filth, clutter, chronic disorganization, and trash removal.

Environmental Disinfection Services

Environmental Disinfection is one of our core services. We provide disinfection that protects against numerous diseases, including: Listeria, Salmonella, E. Coli, Botulism, Norovirus, Hepatits A, Distemper Virus, Giardia, Staph infection, and Parvo. Our team members are well versed in Bacterial and Viral Infectious Outbreaks, Infection Control, Health Response, and Health Hazard Mitigation. We also provide 6Log Disinfection services and sanitation services!
What you can’t see, can hurt you!

Cool Under Pressure

We are all too familiar with the predicament you or your loved one is currently in. The fact of the matter is: these are unforeseen circumstances. The team at New Start Biorecovery recognizes that few to no people are fully prepared for the situation, and we are prepared to exercise respect, and sensitivity, both from a cleaning standpoint and a pricing standpoint. With respect to price, we are prepared to agree upon a price point with you, as well as a timeframe to see the work to completion.

Experienced Professionals

With us, you’ll will not reach a call center, no convoluted path to reach the right person. Avoid the hassle and the struggle of telling your story over and over — when you call us, you speak directly to the owner (Eduardo) of the business, alleviating much stress and confusion. We will ask questions of a practical nature to help restore order – but we also recognize the weight of the matter at hand, both emotionally and mentally. We strive to impart our sympathy to your circumstances in our questions too. Get some relief right now by calling us at 512-663-1186 and asking for Eduardo. I’m at every job site because no one ensures the quality of our services and upholds our reputation better than I do.


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Central Texas’ only ABRA Certified Biorecovery Technicians and NIDS Certified Environment Disinfection Specialist, National Biorecovery Speaker, also featured on “Hoarding: Buried Alive.”
Victim Centered, Vetted Workforce.
To see a complete list of certifications and trainings completed and help by the company, click on “About Us”.


Insurance & Cost

Free Estimates, Insurance Savvy, We know how to speak to insurance agents and adjusters to accept a claim. If your claim is accepted, your cleanup may cost you nothing. We extend reasonable pricing to all!

Customer Satisfaction

5 Star Rating, Highly Professional, Compassionate, Discreet, Thorough, Caring, Speak from Experience.
The most trusted name in biorecovery!

24/7 Emergency Response